Animation Nodes

are you sure you are running the right blender from the command line? from you description it seems like the animation nodes plugin is not being loaded, that’s what happened when I tried to render an AN animation without the plugin being loaded.
Probably that’s not the case, but just better to make sure :slight_smile:

Aside from this not sure what it could be.

EDIT: another thing to make sure is if you have the update on frame change option active in the animation node editor

I have had the same issue. It was crashing like crazy trying to render from the GUI, so I thought I’d try the commandline… It was so fast, and it finished, … all the same frame :frowning:

I’ve built from latest source, as well as the latest “releases” for Blender2.8 and AN 2.1 blender2.8 branch, and have yet to see the commandline work.

HOWEVER, I’m a total noob, so I’m not about to file a bug report. I’ll just wai till things progress, or I’m sure I’m doing things correctly :slight_smile:

yea same, i checked 3 versions of blender, and have this same results on all of them, so i think is something wrong with the addon. Even simple animation with AN is not working with terminal render ;/

“EDIT: another thing to make sure is if you have the update on frame change option active in the animation node editor”

i can’t find this option, can u print screen where it is ? i am fuc… blind

even this simple animation can’t render with terminal, still image in outcome … i think i do something wrong

sorry I don’t have the 2.8 version installed at the moment and I am at work. In 2.79 you find these options in the tool shelf of the animation node editor. You have it opened on the left in your last screenshot. Basically is an option that determines when the node tree is executed (If continuously, every frame, at the change of a value in the tree and so on)

Does anyone have a problem with text objects and the node Separate Text Object? When I click on update, it shows this error.

Any progress on that Bake Sound Node Crashes? Still crashes immediately when pushing the bake button.

Hi, how do you set up the vector colors on the object? I couldn’t find the earlier post explaining this.


I have the same problem.

I figured it out. Blend file attached. - Ian

hex-faces-sphere.blend (812.3 KB)

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It appears to be working now on the latest AN build.

Keyframing nodes parameters is not working on 2.8 builds, is this correct?

is there any systematical written tutorial ?

Hi, I think that the BGE was easier to use for real time art but Animation Nodes is more complete. A way forward would be to to create groups of nodes which did useful functions but with meaningful names (e.g. Sphere with vertex objects pointing to centre). I don’t want to have to build these things from scratch but you need to allow for those who do to play at a deeper level.
There’s a real gap here at the moment and game engines (and AN) make the mistake of thinking that boxes containing the same names as classes is friendlier than code. If the boxes provided lists indicating what their required parents and possible children were, it would help.
I’m also moving over toSmode for my real time work until something is done in 2.8 (e.g. interactive mode). This is a great free product that’s been around for years on the vj scene and loads .blend files directly.

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@Jacques_Lucke testing out v2.1.4 on MacOS Mojave with latest 2.8 build b46245470f79 and getting a crash exit on any render attempt.

Test Project

This has been a recurrent error on 2.8. Only way to render without crashing is by baking keyframes and disabling auto exectuion.

Animation Nodes doesn’t work anymore with 2.8.69 build. @Jacques_Lucke

Github thread:

Is there a way to rotate polygons of an existing mesh along their normals?
Figured out how to push them with the polygon normals socket, but the same trick didn’t work on eulers.
What am I missing?