Animation not accurate?

The strangest thing is happening to me, I’m working on an animation however although I am setting keyframes from point A to point B when I play the animation its going from A to B but in a somewhat arc motion?

Which post do you want people to answer the same question in?

This one I suppose, I felt it fit into both topics

What do You mean by arc motion?

You mean Gimbal Lock?
Or you want keyframe interpolation linear, not curved(bezier)?

Maybe I accidentally enabled Gimbal Lock is there a setting somewhere where I could check? I mean when I set a keyframe at one location and another at another the inbetweens that its doing are not accurate it ends up moving in an arc motion to the next keyframe instead of moving straight there.

It’s hard to guess what the problem is when you’ve given almost no information. Does the thing that’s moving in an arc have its centre of rotation outside its body? That’ll give you movement in an arc if you’re doing rotation.

Gimbal Lock is not a setting, it’s a problem where an object is rotated around and one of it’s axis becomes aligned with another one. When this happens, the computer/software becomes confused and ends up rotating the object in the wrong direction. I know my explanation isn’t very good, you should google it and spend time reading up on it. You’ll run into it sooner or later. I used to think it was rare, but I’ve had it happen several times. So you need to know what it is for when you encounter it, you’ll know it. YouTube also has some videos explaining it, some good, some bad, at explaining it, so watch more than one. One good one I remember seeing had a 3d model of an airplane…

Anyhow, that all deals with rotation, where you say the problem is in transformation, moving an object from point a to point b. To figure out the problem you need to understand how tween frames are calculated. The tweens are calculated based on curves, this is what the f-curve editor is for, working with the animation curves.

To really figure out what the problem is, you need to post up the file so someone can look at it. Simple descriptions just won’t cut it here.


If you post your scene (or even better, a simplified scene that is restricted to just your issue), it might make it easier for people to figure out what is wrong and how to help you.