Animation of followthepath from Blender to Game Engines!

Hello! I just discovered how to animate flight and other follow the paths in Blender and then apply this path to any object in Game engine! For this need to do separate path with two bones - Root bone and moving disconnected Bone_1 and record following path animation of it with inserting keyframes… Then in Game Engines can place everywere this path and connect to it any You wish object… This is good for butterflies universal flightways - so now can do it for any engine and any game maps on the Earth!!! (There is one little bad thing… I can’t set keyframe with just setting another timeline point following curve path - need to align moving Bone_1 manually… Please who know help with fast setting working keyframe…) I will learn this topic more for next best of the best pruduction of flight objects paths!!! Thank You, West!!!

Nice, but… butterflies do not fly in straight lines or smooth curves. You can simulate a butterflies flight using a series of noise mods in the Graph editor. This will be my tutorial when spring arrives.

Good luck to You in this!

I’m sorry for breaking reallity but butterfly looks amazing only in slow motion and maybe with smooth linear paths… May be random path is ok but it have to be slowed down for view it - other way can’t see all detailed flight

Fair enough. If you start watching vids of butterflies in super slowmo it starts to get REALLY amazing… but then again, FAR more complex to animate.

I choose this way because butterflies can be used in any 3d map or picture in the world! So there is a reason to do them! THEY ARE NEEDED and short videos with them make people happy!!! Need to produce them!!! Thank You for Blender!!!