Animation of rotations, constant battle

Hey guys,
I come from 3ds max background, where i can select an object and using the gizmo, rotate 360 or more degrees in a single key frame.

The problem i have atm with blender is if i try to do that, it will take the shortest route. So if on a frame i have 0 degrees , then the next key i set to 360 deg, it wont spin at all as it is at 0 and 360.
The default is set to quaternions, so i would imagine this shouldnt be an issue.

Is there some magical setting for this somewhere?

What you do is to have a key frame at starting point; RocRotScale. Give it a next key frame with some rotation few frames after; Rot. Now go to Graph Editor window. Find the rotation curve you just created and select it. Select from menu Channel > Extrapolation Mode > Linear Extrapolation; or hot key Shift + E.

First don’t use Quarterion… (unless you fully understand what it’s doing)
for simple rotations use Euler…
note that you not only have Global Rotation Space to use but also Local, Normal, Gimbal spaces as well…

Second… type your numbers into the rotation channel… (yes you can type in 360… 495… 1298… etc…)
if you just rotate the object… and set a keyframe… Blender will take the shortest path to accomplish the animation your giving it…

this same procedure is true when using 3DMax by the way…
(at least the last time I used it) (2004)

Cheers guys! Ill see how i go with these suggestions!