animation: planet search

(stephen2002) #1

This is a simple GIF animation of searching for a planet. It is a GIF so that I could loop it, and so that it would fit with the requirements for the project.

Animations are here:
High (~8MB)
Low (~1MB)

I recomend saving them to disk and then playing them so that the speed is correct.

Planet is made in MojoWorld, with some minor touch-up in Photoshop and Image Ready to make the GIF.

(stukkm) #2

ahh! i wish i noticed that before i tried viewing in IE :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

anyway, that’s pretty cool! just that it’s kinda choppy but that’s cuz it’s a gif. would it be possible to get these as avi files?

(stephen2002) #3

it would have the same amount of choppieness when in and AVI file, I only rendered as many frames as I needed and it would take a very long time to render out enough frames for a full-motion version of this. It took about 2 days to render the frames that are in the GIF (60 frames).

(Enzoblue) #4

This is pretty neat :slight_smile:

My only beef would be the scale. Mountains there are gargantuan relative to the size of the planet, they also seem carved out over time by water, if so the water table would have to have been higher than the atmosphere. The Atmosphere itself is thin to non existent when looking at the planet, even though it’s pretty pronounced in profile. Maybe there should be an upper cloud layer?

(stephen2002) #5

I know…the mountains are a bit huge…the story behind the planet is that it is falling apart, earthquakes and such, which would make bigggg moutains. Also, it is more intresting to have exagerated features. Normally, planets are fairly flat an dull.

There are two cloud layers, one at about half of the height of the moutains, and one quite a bit above it. The atmosphere is being burned off due to a decaying orbit that is sending it into the sun, which is why it is thin.

(S68) #6


I start really liking MojoWorld :slight_smile: