Animation-practice of dance (update 14/11)

Hi, this is my second post from far-east island.

Edit 17/10 Changed the end scne. added more dynamic hip movement.

First tweaked Animation is here.

Edit 14/11 Sorry, I delited first Animation to save discspace.

Second updated Animation is here.

Please suggestions and crit

otherwise I dont see much things wrong with it, except the end, where she jump and turns. that just doesnt work. it looks a bit stupid. legs especially… if you want to keep it, then perhaps tweak how she lifts left leg…
the other movements, are quite fine… they work well together, only problem there is it doesnt look much like dancing… you need hip movement, and more “swaying” … now she looks like walking, gymanistics way…


Thanks for serious crits, basse.
I too think that her legs’ action at the last scen was quiet unnatural, unreal.
I’ll keep this and tweak according to your advaices. Thank you.

How did u get that great deformation? the mesh deforms nicely. Maybe some camera movement?

To aide natural-looking deformation, I added several bones controlled by
“action constraints”. To hip,to legs,etc.
Thank you for praise.

could u explain more on these “action restraints” or a tute on how to use them

Sorry, HEADCHEESE. I can hardly write tute. My English is
too poor to do that. If it’s possible, it will take a looong time.
So, please refer to Blender Documentation

Updated. C&C wellcome.

ok, I’ll be short:

  • she turns head (rotate) but there is no up/down movement, makes it look stiff. also, timing could be tweaked. where she backs to the wall, and then turns, i would make the head turn first and then body…

  • she blinks her eyes, that is good, but yours is a bit slow…

  • the pause just before jump is too long for her not to do anything… atleast move then hands a bit there… or head slowly… or maybe funky hip movement would fit… also right there on the pause movement, before jump, she is looking up somewhere… I think she could look at the camera at that point.

  • jump is better. when she lands on it tho, the knees work, but hands need more movement,. also I think the left hand goes thru the dress and leg there :slight_smile: and right arm just sticks on the side.

good work though!
to make animation like this where the timing is also important, and you have to do lot of preview renderings, I hope you have noticed Blender’s great feature to make openGL preview renderings straight from the 3d View. that is the fastest way to check them…
(it’s the render-icon on the header bar, shift-click it to make animation)


Sorry for my late thanks,basse. I’ve cut off the pause just before jumps,
and tweaked rhytm and tempo all through this animation.
On the other hand I added new scene. Background was wholly changed.
May I get some lyrical tone!

ok… :slight_smile: while looping that in background… my comments:

I like this scene setup more. brings the dancer out nicely…

now that you put the rain in, it means you have A LOT more things to worry about when you animate her. she has to react to the rain. I see you made her look up, and raise hand in the end, but that doesnt really cover it… when the first raindrops fall on her, I thikn she should react more… shudder, be surprise… something like that, instead of just calmly looking up.
then when it continues to rain, ofcourse that sort of thing should bug her… so more expression…

then the dance movements:

the backward walk in the beginning is jumpy. she seems to “lock” on places. smoothen that out.

also she spreads there her hands out… they are very fast motions, too fast I think.

when she prepares to spin around, she does a little back-and-forth there, plus the left hands is “stuck”.

after her twist, the left hand comes “from behind”, back the the rest pose,
and that is again quite fast, and motion should carry on smoother to the next “arms wide” I think… there is a little “pop” between.

then the nice pose of extended leg and arm up looks ok, except your ipo curve for leg seems to keep on going when you move to next pose (leg in front) … this make you have have a “wondering bone”, so when you have the pose already, the leg keeps on extending before moving to another pose. also it makes the knee pop.

then the walk away part, it’s quite good… there yet another fast transition right when she starts the walk… little smoothing there.

all and all, it looks like you have several actions, and you combine them in NLA ,… and the transitions of the strips dont quite fit. play more with blend-ins and blend-outs of strips to make them smoother.
it looks like you are doing very good job on the posing, and animating too… so now it’s just little fixes for timing and transitions… that’s all.


Thank you for serious and ditaild advaice.
For a long time I’ve been making animation by myself.
In my island , few people makes it with Blender.
So I’m happy to get your reply and I thank Blendre community.
I’ll keep on.

P.S. This animation is fully Linear-Animation. Action strip was not used.
I must study NLA and try it seriously.