Animation problem

I’m trying to add new animations to a already animated model. Each time I create a new one, I find that the old animation has been changed. For instance, it already had a walk cycle animation, so in the Action editor, I clicked the plus sign to add a new one, and renamed the copy to Run. When I created the new run animation, I found the original animations, and other new ones I made had elements of the run animation I created merged with it. What am I doing wrong? :spin:

switch to the dope-sheet window and select there
the action-editor (the pull-down list were the dope-sheet is the default in the menu-bar)
and then you can see the current “action” and its name (normaly stupid “Action”) and if you select there “+” to create a new action, you get a new one !! with
the content of the old action. That might be usefull to do some changes to the old action and creating a new one. If you want a empty new action, first press “x” to un-select(link) the current action with keyframes and then press “+” and you get an empty action.
And you should set your own names for an action …not the default values with their numbering …

Thanks. I’m wondering if the Action Editor is where I should be creating new sets of animations, although I could not see another way. What I was trying to do was to use one animation as the basis of a new one, so transition (say from walk to run) would look good. What does unlinking mean, how does that affect the unlinked animation - the x seems like a delete, so I never touched it?