Animation reel - UPDATE 5/10 (SIMPLEGUY RIG)

Well, I don’t know whether or not this should be called a reel,
but I don’t know what else to name it.

Here ya’ go:

It’s a couple of animations, using my own rigs.
I think I may release the rigs sometime soon,
once I get them a little more perfected.

Please comment, if you feel like it :eyebrowlift:
I’ve uploaded the ball rig, used in the video.
More is to come! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT #2:
the simpleguy rig(the blocky dude in the above movie)
is now uploaded. get it here


ball.blend (310 KB)

wow that’s really good, better than what I am working on anyway…
I also like the ball animation a lot, how did you make such a rig, or did you download one of the pre-existing ones?

Love the animation! I would be very interested in seeing a how to.

Very good! The animation was very smooth, and there was a great feeling of weight and momentum etc., all the good stuff. :wink:

The ball animation was excellent as well, very smooth. Exaggerated and toony, but still had the impression of weight and momentum. And very good squash and stretch.

My only crit is on the walkcycle, the arms are very straight and stiff, and they don’t swing as much as they should, considering the size of the steps.

Wow, nice work. I’d really like to have a go with the rigs when you’re ready to release them. I agree with Hobo Joe that the arms feel a little stiff, but apart from that it was great.

Thank you for the nice comments :slight_smile:

Its a very simple rig, that i did from scratch myself.
I’ll release a manual with the rigs, in wich i will also explain the creation
of the rigs.

Thanks to you too!
I’m working on one.

Hobe joe:
Thank you for the kind comments.
I will watch the arms in future projects :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll work on getting the rigs out quite soon.

Nice work! I can’t wait to have a look at your rigs – I think Blender needs a nice, simple humanoid ‘puppet’ rig so animators can easier try their hand at contests like the 11 Second Club.

Very very nice. I like it very much. You could definitely compete with some Animation Mentor’s reels :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded the “SimpleBall” rig (thats what I’ve named it),
to the first post. If you have any comments on it, feel free to post


Thanks alot! :smiley:

I like your rig. It is on one hand really simple but on the other hand animator can just focus on basic principles not to be distracted with high number of control objects/bones to key.

Could you advice us concerning some rigs specifics? I cannot find out how vertices groups
work. Stretch one seems to be connected with nothing to me. :confused:
Thank you very much.

There’s a hidden bone named stretch, that’s what the
vertex group is for. Alt-h in the armature edit-mode to
make it visible.

Oh I see it now, there was hidden bone. So no need to explain.

EDIT: You have just post it at the same time I have solved it so thank you.

I liked it a lot. Granted there wasn’t much in the way of personable acting or characters doing grandiose things, but it was really solid for what it did. I particularly liked the squash and stretch of that ball, and my favorite part was the polygon man knocking on the door with a rose in his hand. If you make any progress in your animation endeavors make sure to post it.

I’ve uploaded the Simpleguy rig
to this adress:

i’m going to release a tutorial, and another character quite soon.

On the ball rig, I got confused with the rotation. I am sure it is just me not understanding blender and i was hoping someone could help. I tried moving the ball and on the first bounce the ball moved forward Like i wanted it to. on the uptake on the 2nd bounce the ball would rotate backwards even though I was rotating it in the same direction. Why does this happen. Can anyone help?

Hey, really cool rig! Needs a little polish, but this is just the kind of rig to use for animation exercises!

Blender will always try to use the shortest path to a pose
(it’s kind of lazy that way :D)

So if you rotate the ball more than 180 degrees in only one pose, it will rotate backwards.
I would guess that was what happened.

That seems really silly. So if you wanted your ball to spin 2 times in full between key frames you would have to manually go in an key 2 full rotations with 5 key frames? Not to bring another application into this but didn’t Lightwave have a way to know which way you were rotating the object and keep track of how much the object was spun between key frames??

Also in the IPO window would it be possible to key an ipo driver that determined the speed at with the ball rotated??

isn’t that how all 3d software works? I know cinema and 3Dmax worked like that, and probably still do. After all you set the keyframes, and let the inbetweening over to the computer.

Anyway, thanks for posting the rigs. I was pleasantly surprised by that ball rig. From the movie it seemed as if the stretching and squashing was independent from the rotation. This is not the case, I’ve been wanting to make one that does that for a while now. Now I’m not so badly after it anymore.