Animation reel

Hi there, i have never posted before, i am an cut out and 3d animator, here is my reel

I love blender, but some times for games and short movies i have to use maya or max or other software, so i included in my reel some personal animations with blender.

I know how to simulate hair, fur and clothes in blender too, know how to do some vfx in blender and 3d max.

Any comments, critiques will be very welcome!!!


amazing work,
the animating is really great and awesome !!! but ther is a little bet too much toonish style on the animation, than lifebole animating !!!

i think the guy who drank the flower and the one who is pushing the sandwitch, have like what i think is a 2 to 3 frozed frames between a pose and another ,i am not sure i could be wrong,
and it doesnt mean its bad, it could work for the artstyle
but its really amazing

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thanks a lot alt0
well, that freeze is some jobs i have applied had told me that i dont hold the poses, that i should do it because i was animating too fast, and i didnt gave time to the poses, in the reel in 2019 i must do some hiperealistic animations to add it to the reel, and add a more natural animation style to the reel too, because everything is cartoon right now

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yeah thats great !!!