Animation simulating wind speed effects on tree

I am looking for a way to visualize different wind speeds by showing how wind affects a single tree

For my project I need to show only a SINGLE tree :

  • at lower wind speeds - the branches and leaves should sway
  • at medium wind speeds - branches and leaves should be blown off the tree
  • at high wind speeds - leaves and branches torn off and blown away
  • at highest wind speed - whole tree should bend and then finally snap and fall over


  • tree should be realistic but not overly detailed (sapling treegen addon is fine)
  • leaves and branches should make contact with the ground, blow away, etc.
  • as wind speed increases tree should lose more leaves and branches
  • at the highest wind speed the tree should almost be bare

DEADLINE: 10 days from start of project

Final delivery is animation (aprox 30 sec) and all project files.

Please send a direct message with your info / link to relevant work… thanks!

Beaufort scale

youtube: Blender 2.8 Create realistic trees easy

hi, i have sent you a pm