Animation- Spacecraft 3000- "The Air is Sweet"

yet another silly cartoon style animation
this time the spacecraft captain has ventured outside to see what space air smells like
hope you check it out and enjoy

Spacecraft 3000- “The Air Is Sweet”
avi, 3meg, 50sec
click here to see animation

click here to see smplecharacters website, the site has other animations, and lots of different character photos


That is soooo funny! Thanks!

And about your site: The background is too distracting.

And so is this animation - nice stuff, Wu - Decompression is good!

Awesome, Wu! His shrunken head at the end is hilarious!



Mutant Enemy, rotfl :smiley: :smiley:

omg. that was so…weird. but funny. but still weird. :smiley:

very funny, simple characters is a great concept.

:smiley: thanks for checking it out :smiley:

R2Blend- thanks for checking it out, glad you thought it was funny, about the site a few people told me the samething, wich is a shame because i liked it, thanks for posting

thoro - thanks, i’m somehow addicted to these things, so i’m glad people are still likeing them, decomression IS good! haha

block01cube- thanks for stopping by and checking it out! i got tons more ideas so i’m glad to see people still take the time to download, thanks man!

Erufailon- glad you liked it, i put him in at the end because i had more free time and thought it would be funny, i think you will also enjoy the next one, its narrated by count dracula, haha

Timmah_45- thats funny, i think these little guys get two reactions, they are so weird or they are so funny, haha you got both, thanks for checking it out

sornen- thanks! i love making the characters and animations so i very happy to hear people like them, thanks

thanks for checking it out
i have tons of ideas written down, so their should be lots new characters and stories to come, thanks!

hi wu,

these animtions are great. i’m sure they will make their way through the net. so don’t be surprised if you soon get a mail from a collegue sending you a “freaky animation” and it’s yours. don’t stop!

thirdsense- hey thanks so much, what a nice thing to write, i hope you are right i would love the chance to make animations for a large audiance.

:smiley: thanks to everyone who stopped by and checked out the animation :smiley:

please make more. they are good.

I’m going to put these animations in my share-folder in DC++. Like an evangelist I shall spread the word;)

:smiley: thanks for posting :smiley:

mifune- thanks, i have lots more ideas, so their is lots more to come, thanks

Bellorum- hey thanks so much, i’m greatfull you would take time to do that, although i’m not familiar with dc++ and what it does, thanks a lot!

working on the 6th animation now
“Halloween Toon Tale”, it should be pretty funny (i hope). i’m going to take extra time with it, and try to bring up the quality of everything, lighting, animation, 2d expressions, and going to try and pass the 1min mark, hopefully this will be about 2min long. thanks for checking it out and posting, it is a real joy to create something that gets veiwed!! thanks

that is SO weird :slight_smile:

It’s like a new south-park thing you’ve created there.
If you get some of your friends that maybe are good with
voices…it could really go places.

It’s funny (and EXTREMELY different) keep it up.

Hahaha, I watched all of them. They gave me a good laugh! I love the simplicity and yet it all seems so complex… if that makes sense ;). Keep it up; this could definitely be a new “thing.”

:smiley: thanks for posting :smiley:

JoOngle- thanks, i will keep it up, got lots more ideas

DVirus101- hey thanks for checking all of them out! it would be wonderful to be the next “thing”, because i love spending time with these animations, and it would be cool to find a way to make money from it and be able to put more time into it.

i busy on animation six, it should be pretty good, i hope, and then already have the next animaton after that all planned out, while writing the seveth animation i laughed a lot, so i think it will be a good one, it will be another spacecraft 3000 episode. but for now back to work on “halloween toon tale” (animation #6).
thanks for all the posts and nice comments!!