animation: Terragen sunset

(stephen2002) #1

I have sucessfully set up Apache web server, so there should be no more download problems.

This animation finally finished rendering after nearly 2 months on a 1GHz computer. 3197 frames. I know that trees and other foliage would really improve the realism, but it is designed to run behind some credits, so I really don’t want to spend any more time on it.

Here is a sample image:

And here are the animation options, all encoded with the Microsoft MPEG4 V2 codec: (25.7 MB) (4 MB) (1.35 MB)

I am very sory if you get a 403 - Forbidden error. I am currently using the built-in web server of XP Pro, which limits the number of connected users. If you get a 403, or the image above does not show, please check back later.

(BgDM) #2

Very good. The avi was very jumpy though. Don’t know why.

Terragen’s AA along the waterline is absolutely awful. If you register for the full version, does the AA get improved, or does it still suck? Anyone know?


(stephen2002) #3

I have the full version, with the AA turned all of the way up, so it still sucks.

Baiscally, the only thing that it does AA on is the border between the land and the sky. It’s render elements are still squares, so you get the idea.

It is desined for TV output, so it actually looks pretty good on the tube, which has a lower resolution.

None of the AVI files are jerky for me, must be your player or your computer.

(S68) #4

Very nice,

great sky!


(Natron) #5

Is that all you guys have to say? That is awesome! Very cool!!
I don’t know much about Terragen…But how was this accomplished? I didn’t know you could animate with Terragen…
Wow, rendered 2 months? Crazy…


(shibbydude) #6

The avi is jerky. I think it is my crappy PII 450. Very nice render. 2 months!!!

(stephen2002) #7

the animation for terragen was done with Terranim, which is a little program that generates scripts for animation for use with Terragen. If you want to animate you Blender stuff with Terragen backgrounds, check out Ter2Blend

The landscape itself was basically hand-drawn with some fractal noise applied to make it more intresting. The sky was the result of much tweaking and testing.

Glad you like it.