[Animation] The *.gif file as texture

Hi everyone. I’ve got a question. Is this possible to add animated GIF as texture? Or other way to animate material? I have some pictures and I wannna put it on plane, then anime it. It can be GIF (that would be easly, I think), PNG or other image format with aplha channel. Sorry for my weak english and thanks for any replies.

Oh c’mone guys! Blender is amazing program, he must do that simple thing what is animated texture!

No, Blender does not support .gif. It can however, use a video as a texture.
To make a video in out of a sequence of .png, open Blender, press Control Right twice, to get to the Sequence Layout (or you can just change the 3D view to a Sequence Editor). Press Space>Images, and go to the folder with all the .png in it and right click all of them (drag to make it faster, or A to select all). Then place the bar at frame 1. In the Buttons Window>Scene Context>Rendering Subcontext (F10) in the Anim Panel, turn on Do Sequence. Set the correct end frame and set the correct resolution. In the Output Panel, in the top text area, click the little folder to select where you want the video saved. Then click ANIM.

When you have the video, use an image texture on the object and load the video.

Hey! You egan and Blender are great! Thanks so much, I wish you best renders!