Animation Timing

I’m testing my basic character for FantaCratia but I need some help with frame timing!

What is the best frame timing!
How many frames are used for a walk cycle!

Sorry for not giving the movies, check the FantaCratia topic(link is in my Signature)

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It doesn’t really matter how many frames you use, since speed can be adjusted when you add the action strips.

As for timing… blender’s default is 25 frames per second.

blender’s default is 25 frames per second

Sorry Calvin but I am not that noob anymore;)!
I’ve got some difficulties with the Action Strips:

  • Do you mean NLA? If so I forget the hot key for strip making
  • NLA: If I duplicate a strip I only see the anim in the duplicate(the manual gives that info too I think)

Depends on the output format. If you’re creating a video it’s 24 for NTSC, 25 for PAL.

The most common frame rate for animations in video games is 15 and the walkcycle usually takes 16 frames.

It’s a movie!
It’s 25 frames p/s at this moment!
What is the best frame speed?

What is the best frame speed?

As Ondrew said it depends what app your final presentation will use to play it. Whatever it is you’re pretty much stuck with the Fr/Sec that that app will use. Then you use that framerate (lets say PAL @ 25 Fr/Sec) to calculate the timing of your walkcycle: if each step takes one second he picks his foot up and puts it down 25 frames later; if it’s 1.5 seconds he puts his foot down 37.5 frames after picking it up.