Animation trouble

Working on my first game (just for fun) using blender I have Made a door with glass, I have everything set up so that when my character can open the door, the problem I’m having is the glass or something fly’s off somewhere.:yes:

Did you make the glass a child of the door?

May need to apply the rotation after making it a child and placing it.

I did make it a Child of the Parent, but it still moves. Oh and the other thing is if I Copy it and use it somewhere else the whole door and the glass jump like in the picture above…
I will check on the rotation of the child

Is 3D origin of door located at the hinge line of the door?

When you translate or rotate the door, do you have the glass selected as well? Only select the door, the glass will follow automagically, because it’s a child of the door. I think if you have the child selected as well, it will apply the translation or rotation in addition to the translation or rotation of the parent…

#d Origin is at the door hinge ridix but thanks. Breagha you have a good point and I’m not sure lol but I will try it out thanks

okay, so I started all over again and I’m about to start animating the doors, I will let you know how it goes.
And sorry for the later reply.

okay so I Fixed it they were two separated objects so all I had to do was join them together, the reason I had not done this before was that I thought to do two different Materials I had to have them as two different objects… Thanks for the help on to the next step