Animation tut ...


Recently I did two animation tuts. I was very exited tot start that part of Blender, but the result isn’t what it should be.

Right now I did the curtain tut

I did everything like I should, but this is the result:

  1. in the 3-D viewport, I pressed Alt-A and the curtain moved, it just flew anway out of my screen …
  2. when rendering it I got something that doesn’t looked at all like the rendered picture in the tut

Can anybody help me … please … I want to see that curtain !!!

thanks, jocco

ok, found it :slight_smile: .

Found what? Found something that was missing from the instructions? I tried this scene like 3 times earlier today after reading your initial post, and could never get it to work right…

Found what?

  • how to render properly
  • how to see the curtain moving in an .avi file

the courtain itself isn’t quite like in the tut. just like you ,I’ve tried it several times but the result isn’t lile in the example.