animation vs object axis

More problems animating my bionic-spider-egg-thingy.

I’ve realigned the legs’ axis to allow correct rotating, but when start recording keyframes, blender ignores the axis and calculates movement based upon the scene’s axis.

When I rotate the leg before adding the key, I use R-Y-Y to stick to the object’s internal axis. When adding the keyframe blender seems to ignore the object’s axis, and as you can see between keyframes ( frame #8 ) it’s not rotating the leg the way I want and it twists.

That’s because Blender uses Euler based rotation interpolation for objects. For anything not axis-aligned, this will make wild swings on polar axis. In any case, you’d be much better off using an armature (which uses quaternion-based rotations).


:o Ooooh…! Lemme grab some popcorn, quick! Invasion of the Bionic Spider-Egg Thingies! I can’t wait to watch it! :stuck_out_tongue: