[Animation Wip] Nintendo Labo Parody

Hi, here’s a new animation project I started a few weeks ago !

It’s basically a parody of the new Nintendo Labo trend with an Apple introduction fashion…

I’m almost done with the minute of the video. Here’s a first GL render…
And sorry, I know, it’s in french :smiley: :

Waiting for your feedback !

And still wondering if someone could help me on getting an animation-friendly frizzy afro hairstyle… :confused:

Update :
New vid : https://vimeo.com/257411696
new Render : https://blenderartists.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=516516&d=1519631305


Very nicely animated, some interpenetrations here and there but nothing to worry about. Très sympa ton animation, j’aime beaucoup. :slight_smile:

Animation is pretty solid! Can’t wait for the finished product.

Brilliant concept, love the story line too, keep up the good work, there are some little animation “jumps” you could work on…

Can’t help you wit the Afro though, maybe someone else might…

Cheers, Clock.

PS. I did understand it all, very funny!

Thanks :wink: You seem to have an incredible eyesight… Even thought I didn’t put much effort on the interpenetration stuff, I can’t find any of it by watching the animation real quick :smiley: I’ll watch closer…

Thanks !

By jumps you mean the lack of smoothness of some animations ? Anyway, working on it :spin: And thanks again !

For example, at 00:18, his right pinky digs into the shirt, this is the first one. And yes I have a very good eyesight for that kind on stuff. :smiley:

Oh yeah, you’re right… Think I fixed that by now :spin:

Ok new update… Added a suit and some hair to the character and I think I’m done with the animation… :

What do you think :confused: ?

If there isn’t anything too crazy to point out, I’m going for the final render and post-prod :slight_smile:

I see nothing wrong with the current render. End it already!

Already on it :spin: Just wondering if my pc will hold out for the rendering :o

I would suggest either using an online renderfarm or stop all other background programs for more processing power.

No worries, it’s an Internal render, it didn’t take a crazy amount of time. The video will be up and running in 3 hours on my channel… Still wondering if I have to add english subs :slight_smile:

Really cool animation.

1:28, the crossed arms are penetrating each other, sorry to point that out again but this one is really visible. Apart from that, the animation is good and pleasing to watch.