Animations and priority

Greetings. I’m building an animation system for my character(s), in which I use messages to trigger different actions.
Problem is I can’t understand really how the priorities work.

I would like to have an idle animation always playing if there are no other animations playing.
Below is a screenshow of my setup. I know it’s not right but I hope it helps.

The priority system determines which animation to default to over another, as the name implies. But it looks to me like you’ve got it a little backwards… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lowest priority has… well, priority. The lowest number will be chosen first, then it counts up, so using 0 is fine here. Just remember to make each other animation a different priority, or it’ll look weird.

Also, a friendly tip: you don’t need to use messages to communicate between objects, you can link logic bricks between objects the same way as linking on the same object.

Ah. so in fact idle animation has to have a higher priority than others (lower value)?
I always thought it was other way around.

P.S. I use messages because I load/unload models during the gameplay.