Animations - deleting prior LocRotSize Keyframes

(Mikeman) #1


Can someone tell me how to clear prior keyframes from my animations? E.g. I didn’t like the way the ship flew down, and want to change the path and/or start over from scratch… how do I get rid of the old keyframes? Also, what if I wanted to eliminate one or two or three keyframes from the middle of an animation sequence?

While I’m here - is there a user guide for this program somewhere? Something that lays out all the commands, shortcuts, etc??


(haunt_house) #2

select your object and split the window to get an IPO window. There is a little button with a key on it. if you press it, the Ipo-keys will be visible. now you can select and delete as you wish.

Thanks for posting. I didn´t know this before.

The Blender 2.0 guide is maybe still for sale. I´ve got the 1.5/1.8 manual which is also very nice.


besides, if you parent your ship to a armature, you can use the (I think it is called actions window). It could be more comfortable

(Mikeman) #3

Thanks! Piece o’ cake.

You know, on one hand I’m having a blast learning this wonderful free yet powerful program. On the other hand, sometimes there’s something so intuitively simple I want to do and can’t for the life of me figure out. Alas.

I am very grateful for this forum-- thanks again.

(haunt_house) #4

You share everyone´s difficulties. Blender is built for professional work, it does not care to provide an easy start. But once you are settled, you will appreciate the fine speed of this approach. One example is that unlike other programs, you don´t have to activate windows. You enter them and they light up.

You definitely need to know the shortkeys. I still find new ones.

Believe it or not, Blender will get intuitive. Your question was the third one, where I just ignited Blender and did some tests, tried some buttons. It is really fun to learn Blender by answering other people´s questions.

get going