Animations Distortion Verts


I have been practicing modeling for months now and have taken my first foray into animations. I used rigify and the pitchiapoy rig to get my model all rigged up and am just trying to make some simple dummy animations.

What I have found is that when I twist or move my mesh it creates distortions where you can make out faces.

I’ve tried sub-dividing further to see if that will smooth out the mesh but it just makes more distortion.

Any suggestions on how to fix or what I’ve done wrong?


No blend file = no chance of getting an answer as we have no idea how you did this. I cannot see the vertices, I cannot see whether you used Tris or Quads, etc. etc.

Welcome to BA by the way, always post a blend file, or you may not get any answers.

You can post to and then post the link here for us to look at - it need not be all your blend file, just enough for us to work out what you might have done.

Cheers, Clock.