animations exported elsewhere. How? :/

Ive made a bit of an animation which involves a flap opening up and a missile pod sliding out of my spaceship.

however i want to export the model to 3ds max. how would i keep the animation and what not as it doesnt seem to go with the model?

Collada export and import into Max ?

I know to get animation out to other apps Collada is the way. (now part of 2.45 )

I found this to do with Collada for Max/Maya,en/

But not looked at Max for years so I maybe barking up the wrong tree.

im not sure. i dont think im doing it right. here is how i did my animation: i put the armatures on pose mode, selected em all and chose I > Locrot

i skipped to frame 30, i rotated them and done the same thing as above. select all I > Locrot.

shouldnt there be a way to save that animation on its own? what is i wanted multiple animations for instance (such as a door swinging in and also being able to swing out in the opposite direction.) i am sure there should be a way to save the 30 frame animation and export it that way along with the model.

im just guessing here, i might not be, and probably and not right.