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Larry loves you babe.

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avi, 4meg, 45sec
“Larry The Lover”

Tried to make some improvments from the last animation. Got lots more cammera angles, worked to make the sound clearer, added some shadows, and some more body movement. But it is still the same old wackey style animations and humor, hope you like it!
Also I think I’m going to try and update the Simple Characters Web Site each month with a new animation, so i hope you dewds will check it out.

Thanks for looking!!

Classic, Wu! I was laughing my head off as I watched this!

Keep 'em coming!



Seriously, man. The whole concept rocks:) If you ever need a voice actor cough I’d be up for it:)

Verrrrry funny. Thanks alot for this. btw, although I am no native english speaking person, I would love to do some voices… :slight_smile: This is a very cool funny project! :slight_smile:

:smiley: Very nice!

I have a suggesion to avoid that “popping” sound: Speak next to the microphone to avoid air blowing on it.

:o thanks for watching

block01cube- awsome man, i had a fun time making it, i would stop every now and then and just laugh when i would see somthing for the first time, and one idea leads to another, so their will be lots more coming, i think i got up to five other ideas written out on paper, this is so much fun, so i’m glad people are still sticking around!

Bellorum- hey thanks, and thanks for offering to help out with voices, i will definatly keep you in mind, but for now i’m haveing a great time making an ass out of my self, thanks for the post, it is really nice to hear!

Jerri- cool thanks, accents are very funny i will have to keep you in mind thanks a lot for the offer, but for now i have just been making an ass out of myself, and forcing friends and my girl to do it, haha

R2Blend- thanks, i actually got a lot of the poping sounds out, it was really bad when i first started, but i found like you said staying back, and saving the file at higher quality levels helps, thanks for the tip.

Thanks for posting guys.
I really love making these so it is really great to have an audiance.
I was also doing some research on the internet to see if it is possible to make money from sites like the one i have with the animations and characters on it. i saw the site and read some things on that he makes $100,000 a month from advertiseing banners. but he gets somthing like 15,000,000 hits a month. but it would be such a cool thing to be able to crank out an animation each week and get lots of hits and be able to do advertising and this be my only job. well it is just a dream for now, but it would be great to do this for a living.

ha ha ha ha

i watched all the rest of them as well, and they are damn hilarious.

they are awsome man. i really love them, it totally proves that 3d doens’t need to be photoreal to be effective. the story is more important than the rest.


i couldn’t play it on any of my players,…anyone got a recommendation?

thanks for the feedback!

Alltaken- wow, thanks so much man, i think you have a great sense of style with your work so it is a real vote of confidence for me, and i’m glad you took the time to check out the others, thanks!

Modron- sorry to hear that, i used this as as the codec “MS-MPEG4 V2”, that i think can be downloaded from this website. please let me know if this helped you out at all. and thanks for taking the time to check it out, i dont know if you remeber but you were the first to post when i made my very first simple character, and you said make more, and this is were i’am today, look what you started!, haha, thanks man!

i showed my four year old nephew “spacecraft” and “larry lover”. he said i did a good job, one of my best compliments yet, and he actually sat through the whole thing, and then ran around the house saying “can i buy you a drink…ah no i’m waiting for somone, me too”. if kids dig it i’m on to somthing.

thanks for checking it out!!

great stuff… the ending could’ve used something… not sure what… but… some sort of punchline… and I didn’t quite understand the camera going under the bar desk…

anywys, good job, I’ll be checking these out.


cool! Less funny then the spacecraft 3000, but the voice acting in that one was just over the top!! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen in Blender :smiley:
I still think they could use a wee bit more animation, but I guess it’s a choice of style.

great job!

  • Bentagon

Very good, enjoyed watching both shorts and as everyone else has said, it’s a great concept.

lol, that’s so great… :stuck_out_tongue:
I just loved it. :smiley:

thanks dewds

basse - thanks man! the cammera angle was just somthing different that i wanted to try, and i also threw in a close up as you suggested in the last post. i’m happy you will check out the new ones to, thanks!

Bentagon- thanks for the feedback, i think i agree, spacecraft is my favorite so far, and i have done some testing with more animation movements, so hopfully it will get more complex as i go, with both animation, and facial expression, settings everything.

sornen- thanks a lot! i’m glad you took the time to see both animations, i hope to make tons more.

lemmy- thanks a lot, i ment to reply to you last post on the spacecraft thread that was very nice also, but i didnt want to bump the post back to the top. but thanks so much for both kind posts it means a lot dude!

i got the voices recorded for animation #4, and the set modeled, just going to check with some people to see if the concept is funny, then on to the animaiton. thanks so much guys i hope you are enjoying watching them as much as i enjoy making them.

Haha, that’s just great - you are a sick man :P. By the way, nice singing voice ;).

yep. the closeup for the character was very good. exactly the thing it needed, but I’m talking about the right end where you kind of drop behind the counter… that’s a bit strange… maybe you could’ve just panned with the main character and shown that there is another girl sitting next to him, who he will be hitting on next… or something… :slight_smile:


Funny stuff man. Just friggin hilarious.


:smiley: :smiley: thanks guys!! :smiley: :smiley:

thoro- haha thanks man, i will agree with you i have some issues, but my singing voice more then makes up for it

basse- i agree, i did like the way the character close up worked out, good idea, and yes it proably would have looked better with him going up to another girl, you got a good eye for this, how is the love tree coming along look forward to it!

BgDM- thanks a lot man, glad you checked it out!!

this place may be bad for my ego, i go to work and think i’m funny and people just look at me. so my idea for animation #4 has changed, i think i will try to make another spacecraft 3000 episode, i got a good idea. i wanted to make the first 10 animations all different with different characters then make different episodes for the ones that worked. but it just feels like i should go with another spacecraft.
in the future i hope to have five or six main ideas that i can just build new episodes off of, but still experiment with new ideas all the time.
my final goal is to get up a decent website with tons of animations, and hopefully build up tons of hits everyday on the site. then get some banners set up on the site for advertisers and make enough money to do this full time, i love it that much, but that is proably just a dream, but i’m enjoying it for now so whatever!

If you dont like Dr. Phil (angry american talk show therapist) then you will love this animation.

Click Here To See The Animation
avi, 4meg, 40sec
“Dr. Whil”

this animation was made in kind of a frantic pace. i’m on sort of a unplanned four day vacation and i really had nothing to do, then at the last minute i thought of some good dialog for a Dr. Phil spoof animaiton.
i know you are getting so tired of me right now, haha

That’s so great. I can’t wait to see more.