Animations Snap back to rest pose

I am pretty new to the blender thing but I have been using it now for about 3 months. The modeling and textured parts are in my pocket now but now I am having trouble with animation.
I have animated with blender before but only basic things. I am working on a character for my game so I will have multiple action in the Action Editor. ( Root, Run, Walk, etc)

When I click the record button and try to animate the model. The model just snaps back to the rest pose while still recording the move I did. I am sure this is in the settings some where but I just can’t find where to making it not snap back to the rest pose. When I am not recording the key frames, the model will move perfect.

Another thing I don’t understand with the animation to much is when creating multiple actions. After creating the root animation for the model ( When it did not snap back to the rest pose on every move) I click “Add New”. It created a action named " Root.001"
with the same key frames recorded as root.

My question is do I just rename the new action ( root.001) and delete all the key frames and start back at frame 1 for the new animation I am wanting to create?

-Edited OK so I found that the snaping back has to do with me trying to change a animation after exporting. IDK but I will work with that. And for the Multiple actions I just ran into this and it pretty much answered everything I needed to know. I guess I have to start over by deleting all my animation action sand starting over but I dont care as long as I get it working right… Hope this helps someone else out if it ever comes up again.