Animations won't play


I am pretty new to the BGE, I am just in the “testing stage” and finding out how things work.

I have a problem that I can’t play animations for my character with the logic bricks. I did watch some tutorials and I just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.
Moving my character does work ( with the motion brick ) but the animations ( with the action brick ) just won’t play.
I gues it is just something very easy that I am overlooking, but I need some help.
What could be wrong?

Could you post your .blend file for us? Animations can be a tricky thing and hunting down the problem isn’t easy when we don’t have all the details.

Here is my blend file
( Animation is very poor but for now, it is just for testing. )

For now I first want to learn how to get the animations to play.
After that, how do I set up the physics ( what should be parented to what and for which object I need to enable what kind of physics )?


character_template_cgboorman_04game.blend (878 KB)

The Armature modifier should be at the top of the modifier stack
Apply the rest, first.

That was easier then I thought, thank you!

I have a question about the physics tabs in the properties window.
I have two blend files but get two different physics tabs. Which one do I need and how can I switch between them ( can’t figure that out )?


The one on the left is the game engine, and the right is render. Render physics do not work in the game engine. Game engine physics can be recorded, then played back in the render engine, but it doesn’t work in the render engine in real time.
To switch between, the info tab has an option to toggle between the two.