Its to hard to animate some moves! My walking animation is ugly. Im trying to make a Professional Wrestler in the game but I dont know how to animate the moves well. This is my first animation IN THE GAME!

are you using armatures?

younguser, I’d like you to read this document. I’m not saying you have committed every sin it describes, but I think you could benefit from a quick overview of its points. Most of the questions you post are simply too short to be answerable. You need to learn to elaborate on the details. We really have no idea what you’re trying to do from what you’ve posted.

Yes me using Armatures. Is there a problem is I use armature? when animating something I always use armatures.

They’re “ugly” technically ( the object is strangely deformed)?
Or they’re just normal “ugly” :slight_smile:
In the first case check your Vertex Groups/Bones
In the second we can help
Just practice