I was able to export a simple cube with a simple animation, I was able to have two different animations for the same model in the model viewer by opening the .x of the model in a notepad and (tediously) messing around with the animation sets, dividing one long animation into two short ones. This way of having two different animations for the same model I think is quite unconventional and tedious. I was wondering is there a better way/method of doing this?


I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do but it sounds like that tutorial
for using the sequence window in Blender where one is wire frame and etc…

I got stuck on that tutorial…I think because it’s outdated. (At least it was)

If not, I really don’t know what you’re wanting.
Do you just want a video of a cube?
Are you trying chop a video in half so there are two parts?

Sorry now that I read it it is somewhat vague.

I am trying to make a model for a game. You know how game models have several animations you can access via programming code. Well right now I do know how to make it so in blender the model has more than a single animation(in the action editor) but I dont know how to have it exported that way. Right now I have to stack all the animations into a single one and export it that way, then edit the .x file in a notepad to separate the animations via the animationsets which is again incredibly tedious.