animator for Unity games character

We’re looking for an animator who knows about unity3d’s animator system to making animations for our game characters.

This is first job from us, you will have a high chance of create more animation for us after this If we are satisfied with your work.

It is the railroad worker throwing the switch handle to change the switch state. We provide a video clip shows the real railroad worker’s action.
Animation of the switch is ready, we need character’s animation only, synchronize with the switch animation.

There is a simple unity game project provide for animator, the scene include railroad switch and third person character (worker).
Now, Player can control the worker walking around. and go to switch stand, click it to change switch state with switch animation.
but the worker’s animation absent, it is your job.

We look forward to hearing from you!

contact me at <b>[email protected]</b>



Hello, there. I still there, waiting for animator. Please contact me.