Animator for voxel models


We are a game development company from Germany and are looking for a freelance animator for voxel models for our game Cube Universe.

Scope, budget & deadline:
We need animations for about 10 different models, e.g. different humanoids, raptors, wolves, mushroom creatures etc. Each model should have at least a running/walking, an attack, and a dying animation. The player models should have multiple attack animations (3 should be sufficient). This is what we need for the next update and a trailer which we want to release in March 2019. We have a budget of $1000 for this job.
After we release the next big update for the game, we will likely have more paid work to do for you.

Required skills:

  • Experience with animation for games
  • Good knowledge of the English or German language

Optional skills:

  • Experience with voxel models
  • Modelling
  • Texture design

Technical details
We are using a custom editor and engine to create the voxel models (it can also import .obj files and “voxelize” them). The editor outputs a Collada file with vertex groups (example), though you can edit those in Blender and add more if needed. The animations should then be exported to an FBX file (example) that can be imported to our editor. We have successfully tested the workflow with Blender, but we can’t say anything about compatibility with other software.

Feel free to contact us via Discord (Beosar#8149) or email ([email protected]).


Edit: Forgot to mention that I need dying animations, too, sorry.

iv never worked with voxel stuffs before, but i just want to know.
tecnecly its just an animation, but on voxel models ??

I suppose it is, but I don’t know for sure. You basically want to only rotate/translate the parts, not scale them. All the vertex weights are just 1 in our case, so each vertex is attached to exactly one bone. It will look like the demo animation (see example FBX file), where the parts are disconnected. Apart from that, it should be the same.

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will if thats the case thin i think i can handel it !!

the armature is so big , and ther are alot of bones that dont do anything

anyway, ill send you both my artstation and youtube, to see by your self

In the FBX file? I have no idea why it’s that way, someone created this for me for free, so I don’t complain…

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