Animator Needed For Online Game

Hi guys,

I am the owner/creator of We are making a jump from 2D to 3D using Three.js (a webgl library). We have a modeler who is currently making our character models. He has a few done and is working on the rest (8 total).

We are looking for an animator to bring these models to life.

The meshes will be exported into the three.js format using the three.js io plugin. Webgl handles animation via morph targets. I will likely just handle the export myself as it can be tricky.

For starters we will need a few animations per model including: Idle, Run, Swim, Melee Attack, Magic Attack.

We are really excited about this game. There are not many 3D browser based games that require no downloads and are free to play. The ones that I have seen are isomorphic and are basically demo level. You could have the chance to have your work on one of the first full on 3D browser based games.

PM me if you are interested.

Thanks in advance,