Animator to finish job- 10 mins of animation of Criminal Eploitation Scenes for Education Project

Hi there,

We are starting a new company using VR in Education. Specifically identifying the dangers of Criminal Exploitation.

We have a 10 min script that needs finishing- our current animator unfortunately let us down. :frowning:

But… he has left us with quite a bit of completed work (assets in terms of environments and characters) that we can use. :smiley:

Please see the attached project brief and contact me direct [email protected]

We need an animator that we can build a good ongoing relationship with as we will be doing many more of these projects in future.

We have a budget of £10k to get the project complete.

Many thanks

Project Brief

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Hi. It looks like there is no attachment. Perhaps provide some screen shots or something?

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I’ve added a link. Thanks


This looks better suited to an animation ( and modelling and texturing ) team rather than a single animator. I think if you try to do this with one person, you will be disappointed with the results every time. I suggest you put out a call for animator/animation director, scene builder, materials and textures director, lip sync person.


I agree with this it seems like a lot for a single individual


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