The company I work for is looking for Blender and flash animators in the Rockville Md area. Is anyone interested? Company name is Stelor Productions. We develope children’s educational content. Looking for artists with traditional 2d animation skills and limited animation skills. Need artists with Blender knowledge of modeling, rigging, texturing, and animating. Would like to see online portfolio.

You might want to include more information than that if you want any serious replies. You haven’t even told us the name of your company!

yes as Rocketman says, please include more information, if you don’t do that we might need to lock this thread.


Your site is interesting, IF you are after animators, the Blender community has 'em. A couple of observations, does google know about your characters called the googles? Also I think the 4 eyes on the characters would be distracting for young kids. The first place they look is the eyes. The characters look great, but I would re-design with 2 eyes. Maybe thats why they are called ‘google’ (google eyed?). Just an opinion of course…

As for the trademarked name issue, here’s an older article that deals with it. Its surprising who is on the offense (although now that I told you its surprising, you probably won’t be surprised anymore).