Animators - Ray & Clovis Web-series (Theory Animation Online Studio)



Animators (Online Studio - *credit/points)

Theory Animation is looking for a 3D Animators to join their online team for the production of a web-series Ray&Clovis.
We are growing as an online community to develop online productions for animation and games. Join the production now at the beginning of this passionate animation community


  • Work with a team of animators working on characters and prop animation for the web series.
  • Using an online task management webpage for shot submission, approvals, and revisions.
  • Web-based project revision for update to date project files.

Required Skills:

  • Working knowledge of Blender Software
  • Basic Task List Management understanding.
  • Ability to use SVN software to keep project files up to date.
  • Ability to self-manage and make responsible decisions about time and effort priorities
  • Ability to take all animations from concept to final and execute on a broad range of animation styles
  • Ability to work with an online team
  • Ability to be a little witty too

Working webcam for weekly meetings and shot reviews

Please submit to: [email protected]