Anime Bottles

Hey Guys!

Well, I was doing some experiments with toon shader and freestyle and I was so happy with the results, that I decided to turn it into a scene. The idea was to replicate the style of the digital tecniques used in recent animations. The render itself it’s quite simple, but I would like to share with you guys.


this is really amazing !!! nice work
so what shader did you used for the water its self ?
i can see ther is 3 colors of its surface . light blue dark blue and blue

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For the water I used the base for the Comic Shader from a tutorial by " Paul O Caggegi" but I made some changes. After create the toon base, I used a MixRGB (set as add) to mix the toon with the blue color. Then I connected to a Emission Shader and mixed the Emission Shader with a Transparent Shader.

awesome work , i haven’t experimented toon with cycle ever !!!

I see. But for this render I used only Eevee. :slight_smile:

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oh … thats ever greater !!!