Anime Character Modelling

Tried a few new methods making this character. The hair was made using the Anime Hair Supporter addon. I thought it was cumbersome at first, but after figuring out how to use it it became quite useful.

From what I can see so far, this is a good base!
I also use the Anime Hair tool, it’s pretty easy to make good looking hair like you have here.

Main critique I have now is (not sure if this is the perspective) the arms seem to taper a significant amoun, becoming a bit too thin towards the end.

Good work so far!

Thanks for the feed back

The hands are a combination of perspective and being too thin. At the time of the image the hands weren’t done yet. That’s a bit of a cliche excuse and doesn’t really excuse the general shape since only the bottom side needed to be filled in. They’ve been updated to be a bit thicker vertically.