Anime fighting mechs in Blender realtime compositor (Files available)

Hello, this is another test I did with the Anime cell shading node in Blender’s compositor.
If you want to get the files and the node, Get the FILES here>>

Serpent robot bloom test + background integration. This is the robot for the anime series, an original character.

The combat robot is not my model, but I did the mecha cell shading for it.
No compositor window active:

It’s mind blowing to think you can even process realtime VOLUMES (notice on the left editor view)
which displays in the realtime compositor (notice viewer on the right). Also, bloom effects do add up.

In the case of the Anime Cellshading node for the Compositor, I do have the alpha active, as it also does a “lightwrap” using the background (a still picture, since for now the realtime compositor cannot use Render Layers, Cryptomattes or Shader to AOVs). I believe once that is accomplished, the compositor will be 100% ready for production. So far these tests have been incredibly satisfying to make, since the RT compositor picks up everything: 3d models, Grease Pencil objects, Images and Image sequences.
We only need a reliable way to build up presets.

THIS ADDON is a game changer in the era of the realtime compositing.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
Also, if you open the mech file, you’ll notice the scratches in the robot, are actually Grease Pencil object. I explained how to do it in this video>>

Last, I’ve released the video-how-to and the files so you can see the beauty in your HD monitor resolution.
I work with a 3D TV, so I can say this is amazing to watch.

Thank you!

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Again, please notice this is very EARLY work, but the results look very promising. I am not using the full capacity of the compositor at the moment, I was reluctant back in 2017-2019 to use the VSE in combination with the Compositor, but finally times are chaning, and the Blender developers are making an awesome production tool in 2023.