Anime Head WIP

i’ve sorta cheated with this one.

well, i’ll tell you.
i used image by this guy:

you know, the guy with the cool anime maid.
well, i modified it afterwards, but still.

how do i get that first shape? cause, i don’t know how he got that kind of circle. i tried them all, but it doesn’t work… any help?

anyways, the images.

Not sure what you are asking.
“how do i get that first shape?”, “kind of circle” – uh, what, the sphere? The images from the 2nd row? From the 3rd? The mouth?
If there was a clear question, that would be so easier. :wink:

I suppose it’s the mouth. Select the vertical middle edge (where her mouth should be) and use the knife tool (K) to cut it in half. It will create triangles centered around that cut. Select them all, and make a cut crossing them all, to create the “kind of circle” you see.

and i meant the sphere…

The first shape looks like a UV Sphere with 12 segments and 8 rings. It is in the add menu when you press space bar. Just click UVsphere and then select the amount of segments and rings. Hope that helps.

yes, it does.
thanks. i thought it was a uv sphere, but i knew it wasn’t the default one…
well, time to redo everything. :stuck_out_tongue: