Anime / manga inking node setup ?

I am looking for a simple, yet robust node setup to produce nice looking anime inks.

The goal is to replicate it in real-time Cg shaders for a game. Basically engine has depth buffer and some post processing. Right now shader doesn’t ink overlapping geometry well and we need to resolve it.


Are you talking about Blender Internal?

Either BI, Cycles or Freestyle.

I just want to show it to the shader programmer and break it down. For example, we get depth buffer and render it to texture in the engine. I don’t really know what it looks like, but I assume something like z-buffer in Blender - grayscale, kinda like fogged image. And what happens next is the key. Do we need to boost contrast, apply sobel filter, etc. ? Kinda need to undertsand how it’s done in Blender renderer (offline) and try applying same techniques with real-time rendering.

okay, I have a shader I use in Cycles, but it’s not that difficult to reproduce - it use a layer weight node for fresnel to push the dark diffuse outward to the normal, and let the lighter material combo for the facing camera. I use a colorramp between the layer weight node and the fac input on the mix node to give it more push to the normal. I don’t think this is what you are look ing for exactly, but it might give you something.


Thanks, but that would’t work in the engine. Need something involving depth buffer. As I mentioned, only overlapping geometry and intersecting geometry doesn’t work well. General shape outline works all the time well.

Holy smokes. Noodles… :slight_smile: But it looks like what I am after! Thanks!

Yep, probably exactly so - just saw it before you responded, figured I’d point it out :slight_smile: Timing is everything!