Anime Models

Hello. :slight_smile: Im kinda new to these forums but i decided to register so that i may learn more about blender. Anyway here is some of the WIP that im on. Im working on trying to get an anime/semi realistic look for my models.

The first 2 images is my first successful WIP. Her name is Adelyn. The reason she is still WIP because im still making changes on her.

The third image is my 3D model of Madoka Kaname from the anime “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica”. I made a fan model of her for practice and also that im not satisfied of the models i find in the net so made made one on my own.

nice models. the deformation of the fist is a little off. there is a trick to making a fist deform more correctly, but I cannot recall what it is. I am going to google it and see if I can figure it out though.

Welcome to Blender Artists :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see Another person Interested 3d Anime.
You should come join google+ group called 3d anime there is alot of people interested in same thing as you.
Here’s the link

I like the eye’s are they textured?
Also on the 2nd image the eye’s are too close together the eyes have one eye length between them

Yeah I agree that the fist deform is a bit off. i would love to know that trick your talking about because modelling and rigging the hands is quite tedious. Any trick or technique would be helpful.

The eyes of the first one is is all textured. I added UV to a shere then flatten it with lattice. The second image only the iris is texture and that the iris and eyeball are separate. About the group, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the invite.:slight_smile:

Very nice!

If this will help this how I model my hands

this might be useful for rigging too.

Thanks for the vids. I’ll post the result in a few days. still have to rig it.


Here is a current WIP im working on:

Its a remodel of the Madoka Kaname model that i’ve made earlier. This is all i could show for now. Only the body is rigged. The clothes still have to be made and i still have to make rig for the hair.

Im not quite sure if i could call this finished because there are still things I want to do with her but here is my current progress. All rigged and UV mapped.

In appearance i think its done but i want to put this model in a game or at least in a 3D space where I can control her using WASD keyboard controls and mouse to make her look around. I want it to be like a third person game where the camera follows the character around. As of the game engine, I am thinking of putting her in either Blender game engine, Unity3D or both. The thing is I still have to learn how to use both. Any tutorial regarding blender game engine and Unity 3D is appreciated.:slight_smile:

Here is Youtube channel that has alot of tutorials for Unity3D

This a Channel that has alot of scripting tutorials and some blender game engine tutorials

Blender game engine use pythons so knowing the basics will help understand how to use it more.
Try watching some of the new boston tutorials on it

An My playlist if you interested on more parts on how I make Anime characters:p

I think your trying really hard an for that Good job :yes:

what you need to improve on is understanding how much realism is put into anime characters
here’s a example of what I’m talking about

Look at how realistic the her form is the shape is almost dead on to what it looks like in real life
here is another image to look at

your character looks very boxy in shape while the actual character is very curvy.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ll check them out when I have time. As of the images, the first one is realistic but i think its quite too large of a body type for her. Im trying to copy the likes of the second image in which she has a smaller body type since she is still young in the anime. I also think that why she looks boxy is because I reduced the vertex count than before and did not apply Subsurf modifiers on her. So far this is what she looks like now:

I changed her face because im having trouble imporing her to Unity with the previous eye setup.

Here is some more reference I’m finding on pinterest(click! and another.):wink:

Here is what i’ve already done so far…

I’ve made a facial expressions rig using shape keys and added bones to control them. Next thing to work on is a simple animation and composition.

I really like the angry expression :smiley:
Great progress and Good job so far.

For poses and expressions are you basing them on a image or are you coming up them on you own ?

Mainly based on reference images. It appears that I attached the first image twice. suppose to be a sad expression there.:confused:

Latest project I’ve been working on:

So this is my original character Adelyn - remade. (actually remade twice already).:spin:
Improvements over the older model:
-uses improved rig
-uses freestyle
-faster to render and animate (because I used Blender internal instead of cycles render.)
-uses a hair rig and physics and not softbody or cloth physics.

Snapshot of the hair rig:

The rig uses bones, rigid body capsules and rigidbody constraints. Its one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of the work process because I still had to figure out how it works. references use were an MMD model with rig imported to Blender and Daniel Kreuter’s post about a stable cloth rig that does not use cloth physics but rigid bodies and rigid body constraints instead.

Latest work so far.

I’ve made many some improvements over the other models. I’m trying mesh deform this time to provide hair physics. Still have to test it out on an animation though.

The hands and the feet can use a lot of improvement

The fingers on the hand are to long and stringy compared to the rest of the hand.

Are you using reference when you model not just anime reference but Pictures of real hands that show all the forms and curves of the hand.

Every Type of art style that humans have made is based on the structure that’s in real life.

Lets talk about the feet some the structure you have on right the track but you did the toes is completely wrong

I’m going to post a image I want you to tell me the differences between your feet and the Feet reference.

If you want to be a good artist you going to have learn to pick stuff apart an then learn how to rebuild it into your style.

Thanks for the references. Currently working on the hands right now. I suppose I could make the fingers a bit thicker. I don’t want to make them too thick that they may look like a man’s hand. About the feet and toes, I suppose I’ll have to redo them then coz there not enough verts on them.