Anime style character

Work in progress i hope i can finish tomorrow feel free to comment

ZelMoon update

Looks excellent! Nice job.

modeling polygon hair is a pain there need to be a way to do polygon hair whit particles or attach a strand of polygon to the particle whit the ability to use all properties like comb, lengthen etc…

Actually, modeling polygon hair is much easier than you think. With my method, it makes dealing with particles hair look tame. What I do is use the plane/path combo. It makes creating hair easier than going into plane in edit mode and doing it manually.

how you do it any tuts…

One method that I’ve used is to create a cage around the head (a simple sphere shaped like the head with a little offset). Then use the cage as a guide to snap the hair polygons to. It sounds like an extra step, but it helps to keep the hair from snapping to something you don’t want it to snap to.