Anime Style Female

I am currently working on an anime-esque female character that I want to rig and animate in the later process.

The hair was created using bezier curves.

Can i see more views like a side,back and top in wireframe.
Is there any reason why your putting a pole in a animation area on the neck? that will cause problems when weighting.

Here you go:

I dont really know what you mean by “pole”.

Read this

They have three or more vertexes connected to to them.
most of the poles I marked on the face are fine.
But the pole on the neck is a deformation area which moves up and down an side to side.
When you put enough subdivision surface on it will crease and become ugly also it will also cost a lot more time when u have to weight it the armtures

Thanks! I’ll consider that before I attach the head to the body. To be honest I used a reference for the topology of the face, so I didnt really thought about it :slight_smile:

Progress on the body. Im not quite satisfied with the shoulder region yet…

Attached the head to the body and baked some textures onto it. I also did some refinements to the body mesh topology.

Cool stuff. I look forward to seeing more.

Today I created the hands and some basic clothing for testing purposes. I also tried the freestyle render engine.

Here is some my topology for shoulders

An here something for you to study
The greatest link for topology ever…
This a website from a modeler from Pixar he shows how that topology is suppose to move.
it also shows where to place bones for the best movement which is extremely useful

Thanks for the link! I’ve been looking for something like that for ages. Really good stuff. It is sad that there is only a ebook version of his book available.