Anime style FX!

I made Anime Style FX!!


nice work man !!!
is this internal or cycle ?
also is thers a chance to show us how did you do it !!!

Thanks for the reply!
There was renderd by Cycles.
And I’ll make rough tutorials about there.


thats great to know !!!

@Mokutsuno thank you for sharing. Are you translating that famous 3dsMax anime VFX tutorial to Blender? If so, SUGOI!!!
Yes, more tutorials, please!

Thanks for the reply!
No ,I’m not translating that.I don’t know 3dsMax anime VFX tutorial.
I using this video as a reference.
I want to know 3dsmax anime VFX tutorial.

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Looks great dude!

This is nice anime smoke :smile:

Thank you! :+1:

I created New Anime Style FX Explosion!!!