anime style render

rendering freestyle

Nice start for modelling your head, I look forward to the rest of the body :]

starting with the body

normal maps for pants

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Good to the body and clothe, maybe feet is quite small, it would have to widen lightly.

bigger shoes

Cool, that is better now. This character is modeled as matrix (the movie) ;]. What is your plan or project for it ?

just for learning, I’m inspired in a character from “Sword Art Online”

adding more geo, I must model a hand :eyebrowlift:

I must add more details and next swords :RocknRoll:

Don’t know sword art but he look cool and this become interesting gradually as you add each object :]

Well done, this is looking great! Can’t wait to see the finished version.

I thought it looked cool.
I scrolled down… heh that kinda looks like kirito :stuck_out_tongue:
scrolls down further* wait ._.


I automatically love you for making this :slight_smile:

Yours is far better than mine though :wink:

Thanks for your comments people, I need to learn many things about Blender , I must rig this model, so I will be very busy

by the way if you know where to find good tutorials about rigging let me know

Rigging tutorials?
hmm… when i first started in blender, rigging was the most complicated thing there was (at the time, not it’s just a sneeze in the wind) and it was also the most funny thing because if you did something wrong. having a sense of humor on how funny it looks is helpful.

Anyway though, the first thing you would want to do is set up an armature and create an IK rig (inverse kinematics).
If you think you can animate alone on FK (forward kinematics) rigs, you’re gonna have a bad time. Then again if you are just doing simple picture poses an FK rig might be for you.

My absolute favorite person for tutorials is David Ward (:

as far as rigging goes for a person, i think he did a great job in his Tim burton style character series on explaining things.

I don’t know how much into rigging you want to get, if you want to do facial expressions, he also has a facial rig tutorial, but you may just stick to shapekeys if you’re just doing pictures on that note.


I get so excited when I think of all the possibilities that exist using Blender…

This is a very interesting interpretation of how to use the tool for modeling. I’m very interested to see more. :slight_smile: And thanks goes out to Razc for the rigging tut link.