Anime stylized Gundam scene

Rendered with Eevee. Anime look is fully automated in Blender.

3D Preview Rendering


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much!

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Hello, awesome work! May i ask how did you do that shading? Maybe shader to rgb node? Thanks for the answer!

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Thanks. Indeed when it comes to Anime style I don’t like to give detail about it because I improved the style by myself. But giving back to the community is important, so there are a few tips. Also, I’ll don’t come back with empty hands : )

Yes, I used a shader to the RGB node. Great catch.
diffuse(pure-white) > ShadertoRGB > ColorRamp(constant)(pull the white to the left-center to understand first) this is the node that makes 3D shading 2D.

I used Freestyle here but in 3.0 there is a Grease pencil, use Line-art modifier to 2D lines.(create an empty Grease pencil object)

Also, you can try using standard in color-management tab, otherwise, your colors will be grayish. But it’s up to taste.

Also, try to use some compositing in the compositing tab :wink:

I hope you improve it! You’re welcome.

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Thanks a lot bro I appreciate it. Keep it up.

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