AniRadio get's very less visitors!!!(EDIT: keep listening)

AniRadio get’s very less listeners!

I hoped it would be a nice Blender Radio

Maybe i was wrong!

Maybe it’s not a good station?

Please help me out of this problem

only 10 users at a time.

C&C please

i tried it couple of times, but it never loaded… instead, I just get timeout messages.


i also got school

i’m mostly online in the midday(in holland around 15:40)
in weekend it’s almost the whole time online

and yesterday there was a problem with the playlist

I’ve been hitting that address every day since you said you were going off line and alway get a no answer. Looks like it’s on right now though. Glad to see you are up.

ANIRADIO Address at the moment is

my signature has the playlist link

for the ones who don’t know, it’s live streaming

that’s why i’m not always online

my birthday is coming and i’m gonna ask for money for a new hard drive

80 GB hard drive

now i have 10 GB hard drive and only 0,99 GB left

Yikes! I had that much about 5 years ago! :o

How do you survive?

how i survive

by deleting non-used files

deleting dumb files

deleting games

i only have 1 game on my pc now(GTA:VICE CITY)

mail song suggestoins to me
or post them here

goes to show how much advertising i read %| sorry about that.

i hope AniRadio is going to be a Blender Radio
but i’ll need faster internet for that i think