Annex2Nothing Current Ident Animation

Hello all,

I’m a bit worried about this really :

Basically the reason I thought i’d post this here is because I thought it might be a reasonable place to ask the question - “Does anyone think someone would appreciate a tutorial about creating this sort of thing?”

(Just to be clear I’m talking about the animation below not just a still image) I could go as indepth or as brief as warranted. What do you think?

Is it painfully gratuitous and narcissistically self serving seeing how it’s the name of my website? Perhaps I could change it up a bit for a tutorial version using a different phrase or something?

This wouldn’t be something I would start on straight away as i’ve some other Maya to Blender modelling tutorials to do to complete the series. But it would be nice to start out a bit of a schedule or get some ideas from you before I began.

Thanks in advance for any input! :slight_smile:

i like it and would like to see a tut for it ofcourse

Thanks, seems like there could be a few people interested.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether I should change the content for the tutorial, seems like it could be a bit self serving to do the current website ident? Maybe I could change it up to in the end intially reveal the word ‘BLENDER’ in the cubes and then ‘Time’ be revealed from nothing. Plus I could then have the sky shift time from day to night while the word ‘Time’ is revealed to emphasise the ‘Time’ aspect as it were.

That might be cool, whaddya reckon?

I like this a lot, I’d definitely watch the tutorial! I think you got it right with doing ‘Blender Time’. Good luck and I’ll be looking out for the tutorial.

Thanks Jeff, that’s good to hear. I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile: