(Sey Y) #1

model I created after seeing the movie Annihilation. (great movie)

noob question to those maybe that know, if I want to texture and the poly is so high its impossible without using a very expensive software any suggestions. ?

-this guys just a simple diffused material

(BigBlend) #2

Just use blender for texturing. It’s not impossible.

(ebi) #3

Did you think about retopology?
check this out…

(Sey Y) #4

really, even on really high polygon work? maybe my computers just not good enough. thanks though!

(Sey Y) #5

thanks a ton, this is perfect

(ebi) #6

No probs :),
Also there are few addons that makes your life much easier though i recommend doing it manually as a beginner to get the hang of it.

a good addon is Retopoflow, doing amazing job. You can find it free here or purchase it on Blender Market to support the addon.