Annoying Mirror Mod

when i use the mirror mod, how do i get it to apepear on the other side of the axis?:confused:

could you supply a screenshot, as im not sure what you mean right now… :confused:

i need it to switch sides :slight_smile:
ya, i know, my first model looks really bad XD oh well XD practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

Felix? You There??

Edit: Anyone here who could help me??

Can you post the blend?


the picture? It’s above. It’s the little link in bold :confused:

go into edit mode and move the model to the right side of the pivot point(the pinkish dot in there) otherwise the modifier is fine… :slight_smile:

you mean like grab it and move it? i can’t, if i deselect all things, then select it, it brings the other mirror with it when i try to move it :confused:

i did mention going into edit mode? check…

well while IN edit mode move all those vertices…!

u didn’t XD
NOW i get it :smiley: thanks :slight_smile: