Annoying things in games

I found this blog series earlier on today while looking for info on GLSL coding.

there is some really good stuff there for anyone wanting to make a game of any sort. Take his advice, there are some really good opints there.

Those aren’t the only annoying things, there’s others like bad camera angles that force you to take repeated leaps of faith, this really rears its ugly head in the newest Crash Bandicoot game (Vivendi can never seem to make superb quality games with Crash and Spyro)

Here’s another similar site: The No Twinkie Prize

oh plant that site is really good, a shame its kinda slow

I wish that site had a lot more pictures to help convey what the site means, I like reading game design articles with lots of pictures.:slight_smile:

Thanks for linking to my blog, oblenob! Much appreciated, and I’m glad to hear the article is of some interest to game designers. I’ll have part 2 of my grumbles coming soon, I hope… :slight_smile:

Yeah, but some of the things on those lists can’t always be avoided. Sure, some of those things can be annoying, but I chalenge anyone to make a perfect game. Whether it be a puzzle game or a huge RPG. If you expect perfection you will always be dissapointed.

Think about it…
If you start the game with amnesia then you can choose your own path, but if you started the game as a character with ‘normal’ memory… then I’m sure everyone would complain that the game wasn’t ‘open’ enough.

I’m not saying that you should accept crappy gameplay and story, but don’t be too critical either.