Just to let you know, any of you assholes piss me off and I will file charges.,+go+to+jail/2010-1028_3-6022491.html?part=rss&tag=6022491&subj=news

That means including any kinds of intentionally annoying avatars with your posts and/or emails. You guys are going DOWN.

/me waits anxiously for the next Kansas15.

I find your post highly annoying, prepare to be sued.

-luke …

edit: lucky i dont live in america.

My name is Scott Hand.

HAHA bitch I’m not anonymous anymore.

poor Usenet.

hey now we can threaten those 6 year old CS players with legal action!

ohh damn damn damn!

i guess this means i need to get rid of my goofing on orange threadimmediatly

and delete my comment that i hope tracer dies a horrible deathfor misspelling the word rude

and delete my photo and story of about alltaken and his skin tight red shorts

and my comment that Sagos artwork reminds me of the art work of Joe Dickface

and my comment that endi should team up with Super Greg to make techno music to get chicks

and my comment that osxrules dresses up like a womanto meet men

dam that is 12 years, and i think that has only been my posts for the past two weeks…oh great…jail…again…damn. :frowning:

Wow. The web is gonna turn into a giant AA meating. “Hello, my name is Ian Ruchlin… and I’m annoying.”


[Read my signature before you read this post.]

Ha, you can’t put me in jail now!

this comes to mind:

and I’m like lukus, I don’t live in America either

This sucks !

A frustrated citizen wants to send e-mail describing corruption in local government without worrying about reprisals.

This is a terrorist act by the government to censor the public for speaking the truth !

If it’s one thing we really need is someone who put these pigs in jail for constitutional crimes !

And a bill to prevent law makers from passing bills without the majority of the population approval.

All the freedom is down the toilet and idiots who voted these type of people are directly to blame !!! :<

I’m wondering if the womens right to vote act is a big mistake.


Obviously something president monkey would sign into.

Good thing I’m in australia.


Bush is too religious.

yeah you better you bearch, or else i’ll get my law team onto you… AKA rant-boy


LOL that law is completely unworkable. How do you prosecute someone who doesn’t reveal their identity? Sometimes you can find out through detective work, but most times you can’t.

Stupid Bush | Stupid Congress | Stupid US - oh that didn’t annoy anyone did it?? %|

Keith. 8)

So if an American want’s to annoy me over the net, he/she has to tell me who they are? But won’t that make it a bit too easy for my hitmen to find them?

The good thing about this law is that I can annonymously annoy you legally, and you either have to take it in, or tell me who you are so you can annoy me back. %|

best law ever.

Next, we are going to hear president monkey boy spell annoyance starting with an “e”!

“The terrible eannoyance caused by the I-Rack-EEzzZ-es is very eannoying!”

Monkey boy [>] :<

The idea behind the project is good. I have heard of numereous problems from flaming and trouble arrisings fromt such cyberstalking but the law itself is just flat out ridiculous. I am sure they’ll fix it soon.

About that remark about 6years old CS players. god are they annoying. TKing just for the fun or shooting in their mics with their tiny squeaky voice. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaa

LoL. I’m not in the US anymore :smiley: Good luck to you guys over there though

I doubt it - once its law its law, no matter how ridiculous it is! :o

Keith. 8)

Yeah, mabe so, but I don’t see Joel Osten doing this:

Maybe Pat Robertson, but not Joel, Not Joel! lol

I am sure they’ll fix it soon.

Yep, and then they’ll fix it again later… and again, and again, till it’s so garbled any president of any country can use it as a basis for wiretapping or even WMD (Works of Mass Delusion).


President Bush signed into law…

Why can’t that sentence ever end with something that isn’t ludicrous? Someone should take away his crayon.

Anonymity is one of the most important elements of the internet. It seems to me like he runs the country as if it should be changed according to exactly the way he wants it. Like a big baby. He probably keeps getting abusive e-mails over his handling of the war so booboo’s getting wery upset.